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"Educating children about the responsible management and use of California's most renewable resource"

About Talk About Trees

About the Program

Talk About Trees is a non-profit program dedicated to educating children about the responsible management and use of California's renewable forest resources. Our qualified facilitators visit elementary school classrooms throughout the state free of charge. The one hour presentations have been described as "the premier fieldtrip in the classroom". All presentations follow statewide science curriculum guidelines and are designed to encourage awareness and appreciation for the value of trees and forests in the daily lives of people, and to provide a better understanding of the methods utilized to conserve, manage, and protect forest resources. This web site is designed to allow elementary school teachers access to lesson plans and activities that will enhance their classroom study of forests and the environment.

The Talk About Trees program has been in existence for over thirty years, and began as the Trees Are For People community outreach project. The goals have always included delivering a balanced presentation to the next generation about the protection, management and conservation of trees as a renewable resource. We strive to educate children about forest resources and the vital role they play in our daily lives. The program is funded through donations from a variety of California businesses and organizations including The Forest Foundation, California Women in Timber, the Morgan Family Foundation, Associated California Loggers, and the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, as well as individuals who support our mission of educating children about forests.

We are proud of the number of students we are able to reach throughout the state, and hope this web site will help us increase awareness by reaching even more students! Our rewards come from the look in a child's eyes when they are able to recognize and identify a tree they are familiar with, or the surprise when they realize how many products come from trees, and how many interesting occupations are involved in managing our forests. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Email or call 1-866-241-TREE.

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