You are a reporter for the Community News. Your assignment is to write a news report to tell people how important frees are in their neighborhoods. Begin your investigation by making observations of trees in your own neighborhood. Follow the instructions below and record your observations.



Examine the tree canopy. The canopy is where the leaves and branches are located.
Are the leaves: o broad & flat o needlelike
Is the edge: o smooth o toothed
Is the texture: o leathery o scaly o rough
o shiny o fuzzy o other
On the back of this page draw a picture of the leaf or needle.

What type of animals are living or could be living in the canopy?

Name one benefit that the tree's canopy provides for people?


Examine the bark. The bark is the outer part of the tree. Describe the color of the bark.

Is the texture: o rough o smooth

What type of animals or insects could be living in or on the bark?


Examine the ground floor, the layer located on the ground.

Describe any plants, animals, rocks or other things you see.


In the city, concrete and asphalt heat up from the sun. Trees can lower air temperatures by as much as 25 degrees and can lower home cooling costs by 10 - 30%.
Trees clean the air, removing dust particles and some harmful pollutants. Trees also refresh the air. A single, large tree can release up to 400 gallons of water into the air each day.
In one year, each tree in a rural forest takes in about 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air and releases about 13 pounds of oxygen into the air.
Trees block wind and noise, provide food and homes for wildlife and insects, and hold soil in place.
Trees add beauty to our community and create feelings of relaxation and solitude.
You may find more information on trees in your school library.